Belle is the Guardian Fairy of Nature. She is also one of the Alirix Club and a student of Alfea College for Fairies. She was the third Winx girl introduced, after Lilly and Reina. The team relies on her for potions and advice.

Appearance Edit

Flora has tan skin with narrow jade eyes & long golden hair. She is 15,5 years old so she is the youngest Alirix Member.

Her civilian outfit in Season 1 consists of a green midriff, off-the-shoulder top with puff sleeves, a fuchsia colored faux wrap short skirt decorated with strawberries, two sets of yellow bangle bracelets on each arm, and fuchsia colored platform sandals.

Her Season 2 and Season 3 civilian outfit is a pink midriff shirt with a pink-trim, puffy sleeves with pink polka-dots, a red skirt with maroon shorts on under her skirt, pink socks, and red platforms shoes. Like Tecna, she wears earrings, specifically golden loops.

Info Edit

  • Birthday: March 21
  • Astrological Sign: Phoenix
  • Favorite Color: Green 
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading and taking pictures of plants and flowers
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Roger
  • Best Friend: Yasmine
  • Favorite Movies: Romantic... super-romantic movies!
  • Loves: Giving advice to the Alirix and keeping my room tidy.
  • Favorite Music: Classical
  • Favorite Spell: Giant Vines

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