Princess Reina is the princess of Solaria and one of the founding members of the Alirix Club. Stella is the keeper of the Ring of Solaria and Guardian Fairy of Solaria. She is the second Alirix girl to be introduced, the first being Lilly. Reina is daughter of Stella and Brandon.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Just like her mom, when Reina was younger she had a totally different look. She wore a white pair of glasses and had somewhat messy hair. In Season 2 Episode 12 it was revealed that when she was younger she had a crush on a boy called Mikey, but he had a crush on the prettiest girl in her old class, Luchia. Reina casted a spell on Luchia so she could not go to the school dance, but instead Mikey spent the whole night taking care of Luchia and holding her hand, which upset Reina. When Reina first went to Alfea, she accidentally destroyed the potions lab, an action which got her expelled.

Appearance Edit

Reina has long hair that stops below her waist, golden-brown eyes and a medium skin tone.

Her civilian outfit in Season 1 is a green halter top and orange skirt with green sandals.

Her civilian outfit in Seasons 2 and Season 3 is a teal strapless dress with pink stripes along with a pink belt and shoes. She wears a pair of green star earrings.

Info Edit

  • Birthday: August 21
  • Astrological Sign: Mermaid
  • Favorite Food: Chips
  • Favourite Color: Orange
  • Favourite Hobby: Shopping
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Marco, of course!
  • Best Friend: Lilly
  • Favourite Movies: Comedies! Nothing is better than a laugh!
  • Loves: Dressing super fashion, and giving fashion tips
  • Favourite Music: Pop music
  • Favourite Spell: Moon Ray!
  • Phobia: Bugs.

Voice Actress Edit

  • USA - Taylor Swift

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